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Good quality Single Phase Electric Meter for sales
Good quality Single Phase Electric Meter for sales
Really profession in the meter industry, gave us so many useful advice in the AMI solution, very good!

—— George

The meters are good, simple but useful, and also good in after service, each of my question or requirement can be solved well! Thank you for cooperate

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RF / GPRS Three Phase Electric Meter , Digital Electric Meter For AMR System

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Detailed Product Description
Application: Industrial Accuracy Class: Active: CL1.0 Reactive: CL2.0
Measurement: Active & Reactive Energy Start Current: 0.4% Ib
Voltage Loop Consumption: ≤1.5W (5VA) Current Loop Consumption: ≤1VA

RF/GPRS Three Phase Smart Electric Meter for AMR System with DLMS/COSEM Protocol


Adding more functions and wireless communication features to the basic DTZY 150 type, the DTZY150-M is built as a three phase four wire or three wire electric meter with extended functionalities for a diversity of metrological measurement and AMR AMI deplolyment. It is a tamper-proof rich multi-rate meter completed in a BS 5685 footprint case, mainly used for commercial and inustrial environments.


Main Features:


Energy Measurement


Total and time-sharing forward active & reactiveenergy measurement

Total and time-sharing reverse active & reactive energymeasurement

Total forward & reverse apparent energy measurement

Save last one to sixteen months energy data


Max. Demand Measurement


Measure total and time-sharing forward active &reactive maximum demand and time of occurred

Measure total and time-sharing reverse active &reactive maximum demand and time of occurred

Measure total forward & reverse apparent maximumdemand and time of occurred


Real Time Measurement


Real-time measurement of the phase voltage, current,total active power,

reactive power, apparent power, total power factor, powergrid frequency




4tariffs, 100holidays, 14season‐tables, 8time zone‐tables, each table onmaximum 14 time zones


Event Log


The last 10 records of following events:Power-down,Programing, Cover opening, Terminal cover opening, Reverse power,

PhaseFail.the records include data and time




At least 4 loadprofile channels,Recordat least 490days data when time interval is 30 minutes


Optical port interface


Support IEC62056-21protocol, 1200bps for communication


RS-485 serial interface


SupportIEC62056(DLMS/COSEM) protocol, 2400bps for communication


LCD display


Number of digits value field Up to 8

Digit size 6x14.5mm


Inputs and outputs


Optical test outputs active energy and reactive energy


Communication modules(optional)


GPRS module:EGSM900/DCS1800 dual-band,support GSM/GPRSphase2/2+ protocol

PLC module: according to Technology Standards of SSC163X ,centerfrequency 270K, FSK modulate technolgy



Main Parameter: 



Item   Specification
Reference Current 1.5(6)A 5(40)A 5(60)A 15(60)A 20(100)A
Reference Voltage 3×220V/380V

Dimension (mm)


Working Voltage Range 0.8Un~1.15Un
Maximum Working Voltage 0.7Un~1.2Un
Working Temperature -25℃~+60℃
Maximum Working Temperature -40℃~+70℃
Accuracy Active 1.0 Reactive 2.0



  Factory setting subject to nameplate  
  For 1.5(6)A meter: Active 6400imp/kW·h
    Reactive 6400imp/kvar·h
  For 5(40)A meter: Active 600imp/kW·h
Constant   Reactive 600imp/kvar·h
  For 5(60)A /15(60)A meter: Active 400imp/kW·h
            Reactive 400imp/kvar·h
  For 20(100)A meter: Active 300imp/kW·h
          Reactive 300imp/kvar·h
Pulse Width (80±20)ms              



Safety precautions:
* Use only isolated tools.
* Place the meter only in dry surroundings.
* Make sure the used wires are suitable for the max current the meter can measure.
* Make sure the AC wires are installed correctly before activating the current/voltage.
* Do not touch the meter connecting clamps directly with your bare hands, with metal, blank wire or other material as you will have the chance of an electricity shock and a possible chance for health damage.
* Make sure the protection cover is placed after installation and has been sealed.
* Installation, maintenance and repair should only be done by a certified electrician.
* Never break the seals or open the front cover as this might influence the functionality of the meter.
* Do not through, drop, kick or other physical violence to the meter as there are high precision components inside that will break or make the meter measure inaccurate.
* Do not mount the meter in area's with harm gas, dust, mildew or insects or on unstable surfaces.




RF / GPRS Three Phase Electric Meter , Digital Electric Meter For AMR System

RF / GPRS Three Phase Electric Meter , Digital Electric Meter For AMR System










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