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Good quality Single Phase Electric Meter for sales
Good quality Single Phase Electric Meter for sales
Really profession in the meter industry, gave us so many useful advice in the AMI solution, very good!

—— George

The meters are good, simple but useful, and also good in after service, each of my question or requirement can be solved well! Thank you for cooperate

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Active / Reactive Smart Electric Meter 3 Phase 4 Wire GPRS For AMR System

Active / Reactive Smart Electric Meter 3 Phase 4 Wire GPRS For AMR System

Large Image :  Active / Reactive Smart Electric Meter 3 Phase 4 Wire GPRS For AMR System

Verified Supplier

Made In China

Verified Supplier

Made In China

Detailed Product Description
Rated Voltage: 3* 220V/380V Rated Current: 3*10(100)A
Dimension: 290*170*85mm Weight: 2.5 Kg
Data Storage Period: 10 Years Life Span: 10 Years

Active & Reactive Smart Electric Meters Three Phase Four Wires GPRS for AMR System




Three Phase Fee Control Smart Electric Meter is a smart metering device with special design for nation smart grid. With independent infrared, RS485, carrier communication and IC card interface, it can support for remote or local fee control function. The meter has advantages of high accuracy, good linearity, wide range and long life, which can widely used in city, country or school and any enterprise.


1. Product's Type—Remote, Remote Carrier, Local, Local Carrier.

2. Electric Power Measurement—Positive/ reverse active power, positive/reverse apparent power, reactive power in 1,2,3,4 phase and active/reactive power in A, B, C phase which can be measured. It can set tagged words of active and reactive group to restructure the positive/reverse active power and reactive power in 4 phases, and then for active group, reactive group1 and reactive group 2. It can storage power data for 12 settlement period.

3. Multi Tariff—It can set for 2 time zones, 2 programs of daily time and switching time (yy/mm/dd/hh/mm) of these two. Set for public holidays, date of each and meter number of daily time; Set for weekly holiday which controlled by its tagged words, and also set for meter number of daily time for each weekly holiday.
4. Demand Measuring—It can measure max demand and the time when it occurred for positive/ reverse active power, positive/reverse apparent power, reactive power in 1,2,3,4 phase, reactive group 1 and 2.

5. Event Log—With function for logging events such as clear, program, timing, power down, switch out, switch on, open meter cover and etc.
6. Electricity Freezing—With multi freezing ways of instantaneous freezing, timing freezing, day freezing, appoint freezing, on hour freezing and etc.
7. Load Profile—Support for 6 load data, and the time interval can be set for any time which from 1 to 60 mins. The time interval for each load can be the same or not.
8. Measure Function—It can measure voltage, current, phase angle, apparent power, active power, reactive power, power factor and grid frequency of total and each A, B, C phase, also it can show the direction of power.

9. Demand Operating—Handle parameter setting, prepaid electricity charge, information write back, switch out and switch on demand to the meter through solidity or virtual medium.

10. State Indicator—LED indicators for pulse, warn, switch out, and error code would be displayed on LCD, which can help to understand the working state for meter.

11. Safety Certification—The operations on meter have passed strict safety certification such as password or ESAM module (SM1), to promise for the safe transportation of data.

12. Reliable Design—Perfect power source and electromagnetism compatible design, which are suitable to the strong electromagnetism disturbance and big occasion of power source fluctuation.

10. Cover for Meter—Fully sealed dustproof and waterproof design, material of cover has excellent flame retardant and anti-corrosion, anti-aging properties.
11. Communication Mode—Infrared+RS485 interface, carrier communication module, wireless GPRS/GSM, CDMA is optional.





Main Parameter: 


Item   Specification
Reference Current 1.5(6)A 5(40)A 5(60)A 15(60)A 20(100)A
Reference Voltage 3×220V/380V
Dimension (mm) 290×170×85
Working Voltage Range 0.8Un~1.15Un
Maximum Working Voltage 0.7Un~1.2Un
Working Temperature -25℃~+60℃
Maximum Working Temperature -40℃~+70℃
Accuracy Active 1.0 Reactive 2.0


  Factory setting subject to nameplate  
  For 1.5(6)A meter: Active 6400imp/kW·h
    Reactive 6400imp/kvar·h
  For 5(40)A meter: Active 600imp/kW·h
Constant   Reactive 600imp/kvar·h
  For 5(60)A /15(60)A meter: Active 400imp/kW·h
            Reactive 400imp/kvar·h
  For 20(100)A meter: Active 300imp/kW·h
          Reactive 300imp/kvar·h
Pulse Width (80±20)ms              

Clock Error ≤0.5 s/d                  0℃~+40℃:   ±2ppm;
                             -40℃~+85℃:   ±3.5ppm
Clock Frequency 1Hz
Battery Life 10 year
Battery Continuous Working Period ≥5 year







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