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Common failures and maintenance methods of Electric Meter

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Company News
Common failures and maintenance methods of Electric Meter
Latest company news about Common failures and maintenance methods of Electric Meter

Changes in the external environment, or man-made mistakes, often have a certain impact on the meter. Therefore, the relevant technical staff should promptly maintain the meter, to ensure that the error of the energy metering device within the allowable range, otherwise it is easy in the calibration process of some problems or even lead to dangerous situations, to name a few more common Failure, and put forward the corresponding solutions, with a view to provide some advice.
(A) to improve the power meter anti-interference ability
In general, the traditional induction watt-hour meter has a relatively strong anti-interference ability, and electronic watt-hour meter is equipped with many electronic components, often susceptible to interference, the relative maintenance of the relative induction meter is also much more complex. In damp conditions, especially thunderstorms, there is a higher probability of failure and error in electronic watthour meters. In addition, due to the better performance of electronic watt-hour meter, relatively more features, if the external and signal interference is too strong, it is possible to make the watt-hour meter data changes, thus affecting the quality and measurement accuracy. In order to prevent this phenomenon, manufacturers should continue to improve the manufacturing process to improve the anti-jamming performance of electronic energy meter, power companies also need to follow the relevant procedures in the installation of energy meter, the need to install the ventilation, and there is no corrosive gas environment Meter board, in the routine maintenance to ensure that the meter dry, and make the appropriate data protection measures.
(B) appropriate deletion of error test point
Electronic multi-function energy meter smaller error, and the error curve is flat. In accordance with the provisions of a three-phase three-wire watt-hour meter, for example, must be thirty-two error points for testing. In other words, testing a two-way metering electronic watt-hour meter, you need 64 error points, in addition, but also check start and creep and other functions, then a complete test meter may It takes a long time, usually up to 48 hours in normal calibration. Therefore, if the error of the electronic watt-hour meter is relatively stable and controlled within a certain range, the professionals can appropriately reduce the error test point according to the actual situation.
(C) to reduce unnecessary functions
Electronic energy meter features more, but also has the characteristics of time-billing, so its display, some meters will reach hundreds. At present, some functions of this energy meter are not suitable for China's electricity price policy. There are also some unnecessary problems in programming and meter reading. The more features a watt-hour meter has, the more likely it is to cause a malfunction, which can have a significant impact on the accuracy of the watt-hour meter. Power companies should be based on actual needs, the use of energy required for the business function of the meter, this will help to reduce the failure rate meter.

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