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How to choose the electronic energy meter?

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How to choose the electronic energy meter?
Latest company news about How to choose the electronic energy meter?

As the electronic energy meter than the inductive meter more higher accuracy, lower power consumption, smaller starting current, wider load range, and no mechanical wear. However, there are many electronic energy meter manufacturers on the market, with different quality levels and poor choices. Not only can the energy meter's advantages not be realized, but it will bring losses and increase the workload of maintenance and management.
1. From the appearance model, the type of electronic energy meter is the third letter, such as DDS is a single-phase electronic energy meter, DSS is a three-phase three-wire electronic energy meter, DTS is a three-phase four-wire electronic energy meter
2, The Physical Test.
The main teste including the following aspects: Mechanical requirements, Temperature conditions, Electrical requirements, Electromagnetic compatibility, Accuracy requirements of these five areas:
① Mechanical requirements:
The vast majority of the mechanical requirements are verifiable by visual inspection and simple test methods.
② Accuracy requirements:
Accuracy requirements include: current changes, voltage changes, frequency changes, start-up test, potential test, take the word test and other project agencies to test the general municipal-level power supply enterprises can be tested. The watt-hour meter generally has good linearity within the range of the load regulated by the rules. However, the load range varies greatly with the actual accuracy of different manufacturers. Since the actual load current of the site is constantly changing, the wider the load range can be accurately measured, The better the load performance of the table.
Accuracy requirements also include, such as harmonics, external magnetic induction, high-frequency electromagnetic field effects. Generally municipal and county-level power supply enterprises do not have the condition test, you can check the provincial power test.
③ Electrical requirements:
Electrical requirements of the power consumption test, including the voltage lines and current lines, you can use transformer calibrator meter voltage, current and load impedance, calculate the rated voltage, rated current watt-hour meter power consumption.
④ Temperature conditions and electromagnetic compatibility performance:
Both of these are important for electronic power. In particular, the EMC performance of the electronic power meter extremely serious impact, poor performance of the electromagnetic compatibility table, the scene often run "crashes", "flying words" and other phenomena, and even internal electronic components damaged. This is an important feature of electronic energy meters that differ from mechanical energy meters. There are 5 items of EMC test, namely: Electrostatic discharge test, high frequency electromagnetic field test, electrical fast transient burst test, surge test, radio interference suppression test. Among them, the surge and pulse group are relatively close to some transient conditions in the power grid. It is suggested that the prefectural and county-level power supply enterprises should purchase the corresponding equipment and make random checks on the power meter
3, To be purchased in the regular manufacturer.
Meter is part of the national compulsory measurement instruments, according to the law of measurement, the selected meter must have the provincial and above technical supervision department issued a manufacturing license measuring instruments (CMC card), which is the power meter manufacturers must have the conditions And the legal formalities that must be fulfilled. However, the current market competition is fiercer. When purchasing electronic watt-hour meters, we can compare other documents that certify product quality, verification reports of authoritative departments, life test reports, and ISO9000 measurement certification.

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