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How to maintain the electric meter

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How to maintain the electric meter
Latest company news about How to maintain the electric meter

Regular maintenance
First of all, the installation of watt-hour meter should ensure that the energy meter board is strong, can not have the phenomenon of shaking, the height from the ground should not be greater than 2.2 meters, maintaining meter power meter body tilt control within 3 degrees, When installed side by side, the center distance can not be less than 200 mm. In the installation of electric energy meter, we must also pay more attention to the installation work should be carried out by a professional electrician in the meter into the load, it will make the turntable turned up, because there is an alternating magnetic field within the meter, and some watt-hour meter In use may be issued a relatively weak buzzing noise, but this does not affect the normal use of the meter. If the meter itself has failed, it is necessary to let the electrician to find out the cause of the malfunction as soon as possible, analyze some problems that may exist therein, and then use the solution after the problem is solved, thereby reducing unnecessary losses.


Improve the meter quality management system
In general, the routine maintenance and repair of the watt-hour meter is a long-term and complicated task, which brings some difficulties to the management. Therefore, we need to establish an effective quality management system to ensure the accuracy of the meter. First of all, should be in the meter calibration and routine maintenance of any part of the meter to improve the standardization of maintenance work, so that relevant staff can be evidence-based, and to strengthen guidance to enable them to carry out safety practices; Second, to ensure that the calibration Test environment adaptability, the scientific configuration of the laboratory equipment layout has reached the electronic power meter calibration of the safe and efficient requirements; In addition, but also to establish and improve the power meter information management system to improve the identification The reliability of equipment management, the use of network information technology, the identification results and records to organize and archive, and to ensure the normal use of equipment to achieve the goal of maintaining the power meter optimization.


Strengthen the team building of the overall electric meter
In the management of watt-hour meters, to ensure that the calibration work can meet the relevant requirements, a set of scientifically effective skills training programs should be formulated and regularly provided to staff according to their actual conditions and specific requirements Training and professional training, and then train a group of highly qualified and highly skilled personnel, in addition, the verifier can not ignore the importance of safety, peace education and training to deepen the understanding of the relevant system, to improve their own implementation Efforts should be carried out in accordance with the relevant rules and regulations to prevent unnecessary misuse or data loss phenomenon, after a series of skills training to promote the overall construction of the ranks of energy meter, so that the professional qualifications of verifiers can be obtained A certain degree of promotion. In the daily power meter calibration work, when the verification results are not accurate enough, it should be promptly reviewed, and a comprehensive analysis of the causes of the error. In addition, the use of good peacekeeping ordinarily sorted list of historical batches of samples, compared to the sampling record, the work of the current energy meter has a comprehensive grasp of the situation. So do a good job of every small detail, we can to a great extent to ensure the smooth maintenance of the meter work.


In short, to strengthen the daily maintenance and maintenance of electric energy meter is an important part of the power measurement. Meter accurate measurement of the results not only affect the normal operation of power equipment, but also related to the immediate economic interests of power users. Therefore, the relevant technical staff need to be able to ignore the meter calibration and routine maintenance, should be found in time meter calibration process problems and analysis of the problem to find out the factors that led to the failure, and to take prompt measures solve. In addition to routine maintenance, but also need to continuously improve the meter quality management system, in an effective management system, to promote the construction of the overall energy meter team, so that the meter maintenance work can achieve the standardization requirements.

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