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Introduction of Our Smart Water Meter AMI Solution, Part 2

Really profession in the meter industry, gave us so many useful advice in the AMI solution, very good!

—— George

The meters are good, simple but useful, and also good in after service, each of my question or requirement can be solved well! Thank you for cooperate

—— Amitansu

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Company News
Introduction of Our Smart Water Meter AMI Solution, Part 2
Latest company news about Introduction of Our Smart Water Meter AMI Solution, Part 2


Perceptual Layer: Smart Water Meter


1. M-Bus Photoelectric Direct Reading Remote Water Meter(LXZ)

Product Category: Photoelectric direct reading without valve, Photoelectric direct reading with valve.
Easy Installation: The use of non-polar two-wire bus-technology in line with international standards and national standards. The bus simultaneously transmit signals and power, so that communication is reliable, simple wiring.
Safety Protection: High non-magnetic components, magnetic interference will not have any impact on the measurement data; No battery, no memory, so battery life and loss of data worries; Full waterproof potting, with IP65 waterproof level.
Stable and Reliable: The word-wheel and the sensor are in different chambers, and the sensor is completely isolated from the outside so as to avoid being eroded by the effects of water and moisture, So it is suitable for different installation environment, to ensure long-term stability.
Display Method: Mechanical reading, it can work in a variety of harsh environments;
Working Manner: The use of photoelectric direct reading technology. Normally, the meter direct reading data of word-wheel without power, and to ensure the consistency of electromechanical data.
Control Mode: Drive high-performance, low-power, professional ball valve with intelligent valve control technology. Thus reducing the pressure on the water meter, making the work more reliable.
Communication Mode: M-BUS communication interface


2. Wireless Remote Smart Water Meter (LXZ-LoRa/NB-IoT)

LXZ photoelectric direct reading wireless remote smart water meter is the use of photoelectric direct reading technology to read the wheel-data, compared with the traditional pulse remote water meter and plug-in card pulse water meter, the reading error can be reduced to zero. It is remote smart water meter that can achieve zero error by mechanical and electrical conversion in automatic meter reading system.


The wireless module sends and receives data wirelessly by LoRa modulation technology, which has the characteristics of ultra-low power consumption, superior performance and long transmission distance. Meanwhile, it has high anti-interference ability, high reliability and greatly exceeded the existing GFSK modulation module in the stability and receiving sensitivity.


Which solves the problem that the traditional design solution can not balance the long-distance transmission, the anti-interference and the low power consumption at the same time. Wireless remote smart water meter becomes the best choice for wireless applications requiring long-distance transmission and high reliability.

Products meet the technical requirements of national standard GB / T778-2007 and the construction industry standards CJ / T383-2011, CJ / T224-2012.



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