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Quality first, National Grid's commitment.

Really profession in the meter industry, gave us so many useful advice in the AMI solution, very good!

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The meters are good, simple but useful, and also good in after service, each of my question or requirement can be solved well! Thank you for cooperate

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Quality first, National Grid's commitment.
Latest company news about Quality first, National Grid's commitment.

In the time when the central government's "going global" became commonplace, the State Grid, the largest utility company in the world, had its own way out of the sea.

There are few overseas investment projects and few projects are accumulatively implemented, but the assets of the project are large in scale. "Generally, we carefully observe about ten projects before making a single shot." Hu Yuhai, chairman of State Grid International Development Co., Ltd., said that this may be related to the State Grid's preference for making adequate preparations in advance and winning by quality.

"UHV AC-DC hybrid system is the advantages and characteristics of the overseas development of the State Grid." Hu Yuhai said that in addition, the State Grid is also vigorously promoting the construction of smart grids and smart meters. Taking a smart meter as an example, this meter can be used every 15 minutes Automatically back to the data, the cumulative user acquisition 410 million.

State Grid was established on December 29, 2002 and ranked second in the world's top 500. The company covers 8 provinces and autonomous regions in 26 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government and overseas. Hu Yuhai where the State Grid International Development Co., Ltd. was established in June 2008, is a wholly owned subsidiary of the State Grid. Hu Yuhai said that the state grid investment business processes include: project decision-making system (quotation, contract, etc.); supervision and evaluation system; support system; value creation system. Among them, the project decision-making system includes: establishing a multi-dimensional project evaluation and screening system, establishing an integrated decision-making system with headquarters, focusing on market layout, project selection, comprehensive benefits, risk acceptance, desk due diligence, preliminary valuation, NDRC information filing, confirmatory due diligence, improve project valuation, binding pricing, negotiation and project signing, financing arrangements, project approval and so on.

It is understood that overseas projects of the State Grid are mainly distributed in 8 countries or regions on four continents, including the Philippines, Brazil, Portugal, Australia, Italy, Greece, Georgia and Hong Kong, China.

"The company's projects in South America are mainly distributed in Brazil, including the CPFL project in Brazil and the Pakistani-controlled company project." On January 23, 2017, Hu Yuhai said that SGCC successfully acquired 54.64% of the shares of CPFL in Brazil, December 2017 On the 5th, the tender offer was completed and the share was increased to 94.75%. Local time December 21, 2017, China State Grid Corporation of Brazil and the Brazilian State Power Company jointly won the bid of the first phase of the project of UHV HVDC project of Brazil's Beilianshan Hydropower Station held in commissioning ceremony in Ibiquiri, Minas Gerais, Brazil .

"State Grid's projects in Europe are mainly distributed in Portugal, Italy and Greece." Hu introduced the CDPRETI project in Italy and the REN project in Portugal, and the Portugal-Morocco network project. Particularly worth mentioning is that on February 2, 2012, the Portuguese government announced that SGCC successfully acquired a 25% stake in REN. In May 2012, SGCC became the single largest shareholder of Portugal's National Energy Network Corporation (REN). Subsequently, SGCC helped REN to apply for financing and obtain preferential loans from a number of Chinese-funded banks such as China Development Bank, Bank of China and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. REN significantly reduced financing costs, credit ratings continued to improve steadily, becoming Portugal's only access to three major international credit rating agencies investment grade company.

The Greek IPTO project and the Cretan Internet project are important projects for the national grid in Greece. Hu Yuhai said on December 16, 2016, State Grid and Greece's State Power Company signed the IPTO Equity Purchase Agreement, acquiring 24% of the shares. The company employs 1,394 people and only 5 Chinese managers.

"In the Philippines, the Visayas-Mindanao Networking Project is included in the list of priority cooperation projects in the energy sector between China and the Philippines," said Hu Yuhai.

The HEC project inspired National Grid from the advanced technology and operation of Hong Kong Electric Holdings Limited. It is understood that, January 14, 2014, State Grid official website released news that the State Grid International Development Co., Ltd. and HEC Power Investment Management Co., Ltd. and HEC Power Investment Co., Ltd. signed a cornerstone investment agreement to subscribe for 18% Shares.

Hu Yuhai said that the State Grid Corporation of Australia has Australian assets and Australian companies. Australian Local Time On January 3, 2014, State Grid International and Singapore Energy International completed the acquisition of their Australian assets in equity.

"State Grid has successfully created the" national business card "made by China's high-end customers. The good brand image and credit enable many follow-up projects of State Grid to obtain financing from local banks through credit, without paying a single penny." Hu said with emotion. He suggested that overseas Chinese enterprises should "first learn a good foreign language and Chinese need to overcome innate language shortcomings in doing international business. Second, they must have professional knowledge and professional abilities, and it is hard to be convinced if they are not professional."

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