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Single Phase Fee Control Electric Meter

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Single Phase Fee Control Electric Meter
Latest company news about Single Phase Fee Control Electric Meter


The calculation of the single-phase fee control smart watt-hour meter is done in the long-distance electricity selling system. The meter does not store and display the information related to electricity and electricity prices. Energy meter receives the power supply system issued by the remote switch, allowing closing, ESAM data reading instructions, subject to strict password authentication and safety certification. Can be seen in the smart meter ESAM module is only responsible for the completion of safety certification and data storage, this module can be set in the State Grid Corporation is completed, provided to the watch factory installed in the smart meter. Future data access and key security certification process are carried out between the remote host system and the ESAM module in the smart meter, the table has nothing to do with the microcontroller, the microcontroller is still responsible for the design and implementation of intelligent watch factory Meter function.


The functions and features of single-phase fee control electric meter:
1) Charge control function: realized by CPU card.
2) Communication: carrier, RS485, infrared.
3) Metering function: With positive active energy, reverse active energy metering function, can store their data, and can be set according to the combination of active.
4) monitoring and measurement: to measure, record, display the current watt-hour meter voltage, current (including zero line current), power, power factor and other operating parameters. Measurement error (reference error) does not exceed ± 1%.
5) Event record: permanently record the occurrence time of the energy meter reset event and the electric energy data at the time of zeroing; record the total number of times the cover has been opened, and the occurrence of the cover opening event last 10 times and the ending time.
6) Rates and time slots: There are two tariff timetables, which can be automatically converted at the appointed time; each rate supports 4 rates. With calendar, clock, the year can be set 2 time zones, within 24h can be programmed for 8 periods;
7) Freeze function: with regular freeze, instantaneous freeze, agreed to freeze, freeze and other functions

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