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Transformation of Rural Power Grid

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Transformation of Rural Power Grid
Latest company news about Transformation of Rural Power Grid

Most of the rural power grid aging lines, lower line insulation; line voltage is low, large line loss. During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, the pace of transformation and upgrading of rural power grids has been accelerated throughout the country. For the transformation of the power grid is also in accordance with the "smart, efficient, reliable, green" grid demonstration project requirements. To ensure that the modified grid more standardized, safe and beautiful. After reducing the cost of rural electricity, farmers and friends do not feel better in the past.

Why farmers friends do not think that after the transformation of transformation is good? The original problem they are not worried about the power grid, but the issue of electricity. Before the remuneration to pay the electrician there, know how many degrees meters. Electricity card after transformation to buy electricity, save money directly in the electric on the line, but do not know how to chargeback. The important point is that the meter is more accurate and faster going after it is retrofitted.

Rural power grid reform to solve the rural power outage when the windy, thunderstorm power outage or a high-power electrical appliances on the phenomenon of power. Now pay electricity bills are purchased by the electric card, changed the previous village electrician check the degree and then broadcast the villagers pay the electricity bill, reducing a lot of workload. So many benefits, how farmer friends think their electricity instead more than the previous? The main reasons for the following:

First, the implementation of ladder electricity system. The standard of living of peasants has been raised. Nowadays, almost every household has a big color TV set, a refrigerator, an air-conditioner, a Yuba and so on. These are high-power electrical appliances, high-power electrical appliances after the start of the meter rotation speed will be faster, this is the direct implementation of the ladder electricity bill performance.

Second, the meter is calculated accurately. Before the transformation of the meter are counting, and sometimes turn on the lights, the phone is charged, the meter will not turn. Meter calculation now more accurate, with a little electricity, smart meters will be able to detect, so to a large extent avoid the phenomenon of stealing electricity.

All things are two-sided. Generally speaking, the transformation of rural power grids is the embodiment of our country's progress and an important measure to solve the "three rural issues." The power grid reform not only meets the needs of peasants living electricity, but also solves the problem of electricity production. Every time the production season is over, peasant friends no longer have to worry about power outages.


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