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Communication Isolation Dual Interface 485 To LoRaWAN Collector For AMI

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Communication Isolation Dual Interface 485 To LoRaWAN Collector For AMI

Communication Isolation Dual Interface 485 To LoRaWAN Collector For AMI
Communication Isolation Dual Interface 485 To LoRaWAN Collector For AMI

Large Image :  Communication Isolation Dual Interface 485 To LoRaWAN Collector For AMI

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Certification: IEC, ISO
Model Number: DCRL12-RDK150-G2A

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1pcs
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: Standard Export Package
Delivery Time: 3-35days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union
Supply Ability: 1000000 pcs per year
Detailed Product Description
Working Voltage: AC 220V+-20% 50Hz RS485 Idle Voltage: DC 5V.
RS485 Load Capacity: 32 Sets Of RS485 Terminal Device (800 Meters). Power Consumption: Active Power ≤ 3W; Apparent Power ≤ 5VA.
High Light:

automated metering infrastructure


advanced metering system

Communication Isolation Dual Interface 485 To LoRaWAN Collector For AMI
DCRL12-RDK150-G2A is 485-to-LoRaWAN collector based on G2A (uplink LoRaWAN, downlink 485) is a product specially developed for IoT communication occasions. The product is compatible with RS485 industry standards (DL/T645, CJ/T188, MODBUS protocol). It is used to implement LoRaWAN communication for terminals with RS485 communication interface.
The collector is simple to use, and only needs to install the collector in the area covered by the LoRaWAN gateway signal, complete point-to-point data collection through the gateway. It has the advantages of low power consumption, long life and two-way data transmission, which provides a reliable guarantee for collecting real-time data. The collector can automatically upload data to the gateway, and the gateway automatically uploads data to the network platform; The product is simple in structure, easy to maintain and replace, and has no connection of uplink communication cables, and the installation is convenient and quick. The product is designed according to the concept of industrial control standards, the power supply is energy-saving and completely isolated communication, with strong anti-interference ability, long transmission distance, high speed and stable operation.
1. Main Functions and Features:
1.1 Downlink RS485 interface (baud rate can be set), can carry 1-32 terminals; Uplink LoRaWAN.
1.2 Dual RS485 interface, one of which is a local maintenance interface.
1.3 It comes with a miniature AC power supply, AC 220V can be directly accessed. Applying the company's patented technology, it has the functions of anti-lightning, anti-drying, anti-high pressure, etc., effectively protecting the collector from normal work.
1.4 Support DL/645, CJ/T188, MODBUS and other protocols (can be customized).
1.5 Apply edge computing technology, timed active upload and transparent transmission can be switched. The uploaded data task (up to the maximum number of data tasks: 4), the interval between uploading data (0000 to 9999 minutes), and the terminal file (the terminal in the file can be automatically uploaded) can be set.
1.6 It has remote LoRaWAN mode and local RS485 mode for data maintenance.
1.7 Communication isolation: Applying the company's patented technology, with active isolation, anti-lightning, anti-dry, anti-high voltage and other functions, effectively protect the normal operation of the RS485 interface.
1.8 The professional interface data flow is automatically controlled, and the instruction frame sent by the platform of gateway is preferentially processed.
1.9 It adopts 2P rail type installation, which is small in size and easy to install.
1.10 With a variety of status indications, the status of the collector can be determined by the status indicator in the field.
1.11 The configured parameters are automatically saved during power off and are automatically restored after power-on.
2. Main technical parameters:
2.1 Electrical parameters:
Working voltage: AC 220V+-20% 50Hz.
RS485 idle voltage: DC 5V.
RS485 load capacity: 32 sets of RS485 terminal device (800 meters).
Power consumption: Active power ≤ 3W; Apparent power ≤ 5VA.
2.2 Wireless performance parameters:
Center frequency: 433MHz/470MHz (customized project), LoRaWAN international standard.
Modulation technology: Linear frequency modulation spread spectrum modulation.
Bandwidth: 125kHz/250kHz.
RF power: 20dBm (100mW).
Receive sensitivity: -143dBm @SF12/BW 125KHz.
2.3 Safety performance:
Impact voltage: 2kV.
Working pressure: 2kV.
2.4 Electromagnetic Compatibility:
Electrostatic discharge: 4kV;
Fast pulse group: 2kV (Power supply loop), /2kV (Signal loop);
Surge: 2kV (Differential mode)
2.5 Use environment:
Temperature: -20℃~+60℃.
Humidity: Relative humidity ≤ 95%.
2.6 Data storage: Data storage time ≥10 years after power off.
2.7 Communication interface: dual RS485 interface.
2.8 Local interface: 2400bps.
2.9 Meter communication interface: Four baud rates can be set (eg: 200bps, 2400bps, 4800bps, 9600bps).
3. Composition principle
3.1 Brief description of working principle
The uplink communication module of the collector is the LoRaWAN protocol communication module; The local interface adopts the RS485 communication mode; The meter communication interface communicates with the energy meter on the downlink 485 bus through the RS485 communication mode.
The collector receives the reading/control command issued by the cloud management platform and the reading/control command of the energy meter on the downlink 485 bus of the collector through the LoRa module.
The collector has the function of automatically collecting predetermined data of the electric energy meter on the downlink bus and uploading it at regular intervals. This function requires the platform to pre-deliver the specified and truly connected 485 energy meter. Once the energy meter file (0 to 32) is successfully downloaded, the collector will discard the instructions which not belonging to the file and issued by the uplink, and will not process it.
3.2 Diagram of hardware principle
Communication Isolation Dual Interface 485 To LoRaWAN Collector For AMI 0
Power supply module: Powered by an efficient switching power supply module.
LoRa communication module: Realize the data interaction between the LoRa node and the gateway, and select the Class C working mode in the LoRaWAN standard protocol.
Local interface: With the running parameters of the query collector, there are selected settings for some operating parameters.
Downlink meter communication interface: According to the baud rate setting value of the downlink interface in the collector, enable the communication baud rate unified with it.
Main control module: Controls the data reception/send of the three serial channels, stores/reads the internal E2 data, and sets the status of the indicator according to the current working status to inform the field personnel of the working status of the collector.
4. Operation, Adjustment and Installation.
1) No need for user operation and adjustment, it is installed by professional personnel according to the installation wiring diagram.
2) Before the installation, check the seal of the manufacturer, and the seal is intact, then start the installation.
3) The collector is installed in a ventilated and dry place indoors to ensure safe and reliable installation.
4) The collector should be wired according to the wiring diagram shown in the manual. It is best to use copper wire or copper terminal to connect each terminal and must be tightened.
5) Wiring diagram
Communication Isolation Dual Interface 485 To LoRaWAN Collector For AMI 1
Communication Isolation Dual Interface 485 To LoRaWAN Collector For AMI 2
1 is the main power supply, L input; 2 is the main power supply, N input.
5 is connected to A1, 6 is connected to B1, 7 is connected to A2, and 8 is connected to B2.
5. indicator light description
Online: After the collector is powered on, the LoRa communication module automatically initiates a join action to enter the network, at this time, the indicator light flashes; When the module enters the network successfully, the indicator light turns to the constant light mode.
Uplink: When the uplink LoRa module receives/sends data, the indicator flashes once and the normal state is off.
Downlink: When the uplink meter bus interface receives/sends data, the indicator flashes once and the normal state is off.
6. A1, B1, A2, B2 port RS-485 interface use
A1, B1 Port: Downlink meter RS-485 communication port.
A2, B2 Port: Local RS-485 communication port.
7. Transportation and storage
The product should not be subjected to severe impact during transportation and unpacking. It should be stored on the bracket under the original packaging conditions, and the stacking height should not exceed 5 layers.
The place to be stored should be clean, the ambient temperature does not exceed -40 ° C ~ +70 ° C, the relative humidity does not exceed 95%, the air does not contain corrosive gases and mold.
The stored electric energy meter should be in the original packaging. The environment of the storage place should be clean. The ambient temperature should not exceed -25 °C ~ +70 °C, the relative humidity should not exceed 85%, and the air does not contain corrosive gases and mold.
8. Dimension(mm)
Length: 100mm; Width: 36mm; Height: 67mm.
Communication Isolation Dual Interface 485 To LoRaWAN Collector For AMI 3
9. Common fault diagnosis, analysis, and troubleshooting methods
1) All indicators of power-on are not displayed. Whether the collector is installed normally, whether the wiring is wired according to the correct drawing, and whether the collector input line has 220V voltage input.
2) When the meter reads the data, there is no communication indicator display, and the downlight of the collector has an action. Is there any overload or short circuit on the 485 bus link?
3) The online indicator light continues to flash, the location of the collector is not covered by the signal of the gateway, or the LoRa antenna connector of the collector is abnormal and needs to be repaired.
10. Accessories Description
The collector shall be equipped with instructions, certificate and seal.

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